The Ghost Hall

At night, the old Victor Haussinger Courthouse in the center of town comes to unlife. Long believed to be haunted, the new, sprawling City Function building serves most of the town’s civil matters, with the old Courthouse relegated to some of the more unimportant departments, and file keeping. It closes promptly at 6 p.m., a tradition from decades prior, when several workers claimed they heard strange noises from upstairs come nightfall.

The building itself is two stories tall with a spacious lobby and reception area, a small cell block on one end and a wing of offices on the other. Behind the lobby is a big hallway with more offices and filing areas and utility closets, as well as the only staircase, save the fire escape in the back. The back of the building hosts four different courtrooms (one smaller than the other, used mostly for speed-sentencing) and a Judges’ chambers.

Upstairs, there’s only two rooms, a large and a small. The larger one used to be the old courtroom back in Del Plaza’s infancy, but now goes mostly unused, except for the scarce few civil functions that still take place there. For the most part, it’s just an unnecessary addition to the building. The back room is a supply closet, filled to busting with old banners, signs, tools, and supplies.

The top floor is where the ghosts live, until midnight hits, when they all spill out into the bottom floors. The specters play out their dead melodramas in the courtrooms, practicing otherworldly hearings and meetings that make no sense to the realm of flesh. No one’s ever gotten close enough to tell whether or not they’re violent (though many citizens claim to have), and not much else is known about them.

The Ghost Hall

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